How to create a Microsite: A step-by-step and tips guide

How to create a Microsite: A step-by-step and tips guide

So, if you are looking to create a website quickly that still looks good and works fast, you need a microsite. These smaller but powerful websites can give you all the style and ease you are searching for in one super impressive package. 

Websites have become the most demanded digital asset for businesses. Not having one can be a real issue when you are trying to build a brand and communicate with your target. So, how can smaller businesses and freelance workers get great sites without coding or costly subscriptions? Using Microsites!

What are microsites?

Microsites like the word implies are a smaller version of the traditional website, think a one-page site or landing page. 

The size of the site is what gives it its power. You can create them in minutes, have all your information stored there, update them whenever, and manage them yourself. They are the next step in your digital autonomy. 

Have complete control over your websites and make them look just as great as any other with the diverse microsite templates to choose from. 

What can you use microsites for?

No matter their size, microsites can be the answer to many of your website needs. The format is smaller but the possibilities are immense.

1. Home and landing pages 

2. Link in bio

3. Product pages 

4. Portfolio pages 

5. Online store 

6. Digital business cards 

7. Real estate page 

8. Newsletters 

9. Digital menus 

10. Personal sites 

11. Small business sites 

12. Whatever you imagine! 

A step-by-step guide to building a microsite with Linkcard 

Linkcard is a leading no-code microsite builder that offers users professionally made templates, and digital marketing features to enhance their microsites. It all starts with a card!

Step 1 Register:

The first thing you need to do to create a microsite is head over to Linkcard’s registration site and sign up for an account. 

On this site you will need to register with one of these 4 options: 

1. Email address 

2. Facebook account

3. Google account

4. Apple ID 

After registration you will be signed into the site and able to choose from our templates. 

Step 2 Browse and design:

Linkcard has one of the most complete template catalogs in microsite creation. You can create anything from a personal site to a Link in Bio site, menus for restaurants, and more!

Choosing your template is the most important step in creating your microsite so take your time. If you need some help check out our design guide on microsite color. 

You can have your pick from the selection of templates and choose from the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard or scroll down until you find one that catches your eye. 

Note: With Linkcard you can update your template for the same microsite as you need on your dashboard 

Step 3 Personalize and build:

Now that you have your template you need to make this site your own and start filling it with content. 

Linkcard’s design dashboard allows you to add:

✅ Pictures, graphics, and videos

✅ Links to other sites

✅ Contact information 

✅ Social media profiles 

✅ Text information 

✅ Create custom bottom

✅ Design elements like lines and figures 

✅ Google location

✅ And more…

The best part is you can do it all with an easy drag and drop tool. Your design dashboard was created to help you create an amazing microsite in the easiest way possible. 

To help you we have a guide on fitting all your needs on one page so you can personalize without missing any detail. 

Step 4 Activate:

Now that your microsite looks like you want it to, it’s time to activate your new microsite. 

Finish your edits and hit save changes and get your confirmation that your Linkcard is ready to go live! 

Step 5 Enjoy Linkcard features: 

You are done and your site is live but there is more good news! 

Now that your microsite is up and running you can take advantage of Linkcard’s game changing features. 

1. Get detailed analytics from traffic 

2. Create an email signature 

3. Organize and manage your leads 

4. PRO design tools 

5. Tracking ID 

6. Support 

7. Much more! 

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