Top networking tips: How to make great business connections

You can’t have a business alone, get hired alone, or create a great brand alone. One of the main things you need to master as a business owner or professional is making connections. So, we’ve put together a list of the top networking tips that you can use to improve your networking skills and how Linkcard can help you do it! 

Why does networking matter? 

Networking is one of the first steps toward a successful career and growth path. Creating the right connections for yourself or your company can allow you to enter new markets, and get better opportunities. 

For companies networking can 

  • ▪️Boost collaborations with other companies 
  • ▪️Get your product or service in new markets 
  • ▪️Help with recruitment and talent hunting 
  • ▪️Establish your name and reputation 
  • ▪️Expand deals and brand reach 

For individual professionals networking can 

  • ▪️Help them get a job opportunity 
  • ▪️Grow their professional network 
  • ▪️Provide opportunities for growth 
  • ▪️Get you a great mentorship 
  • ▪️Create a solid reputation 

Go to networking events online and in-person

If you want to get better at making connections you are going to need to meet new people. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is going to events. Whether in person or online, events are an opportunity to meet a lot of people at once. 

Going to events related to your industry or connecting communities will put you in touch with the right partners, suppliers, and other important connections. 

As an individual professional remember that a huge percentage of people, at least 70%, got their current job through networking*. So, for those looking to change jobs or keep options open, networking is a must. 

(*Source: PayScale)

Add signatures to your email 

Email is the most used form of communication for professionals and businesses, that’s why yours needs to look as good as it can. Using email signatures can magnify what you do with your email. 

Adding email signatures can complete your email marketing efforts. You can display information about your brand, links, and more in a sleek minimal format. 

You can use it for one or get email signature plans for your whole company with enterprise options. Create a more uniform branding for your brand and make every email pop. 

email signatures can help your networkingUse microsites for promotion 

Microsites are smaller websites, that usually only have one page. They are also great tools for networking and promotion. These smaller, and easier-to-create, websites allow you to host important information attractively. 

You can share microsites with new connections and strangers to boost your reach and make people remember you. 

There are so many ways to use microsites that can benefit your networking efforts, use microsites:

Microsites are exciting digital marketing tools that you can create in minutes with Linkcard and that you can use in so many ways! 

Practice your icebreakers and pitches 

The main thing you will be doing when networking is talking, whether it’s about your projects or shared topics. So, you need to feel at ease in conversation and selling your product, brand or profile. 

Taking time to practice small talk, icebreakers, pitches and reducing the anxiety around this type of interaction will help you make a great impression and create a good foundation for business relationships. 

3 tips to take your business pitch from good to amazing 

  1. 1. Use real customer examples 
  2. 2. Give numbers that back your brand 
  3. 3. Talk about your Unique Selling Point 

Linkcard is the best social media platform for networking as a professional and for marketing B2B

Create a content plan for your LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is your most important social media profile for making business connections. This is the most used social media platform for Fortune 500 companies and a hotbed for possible opportunities. 

So, whether you are a brand or an individual professional you need to invest on your LinkedIn profile to attract connections. It’s the perfect stage for you to share your work and accomplishments. 

How to improve your LinkedIn profile right now?

  1. 1. Update your profile with your latest achievements, products, etc. 
  2. 2. Get a new profile picture 
  3. 3. Start sharing content like tips, life experiences, and more 
  4. 4. Engage with the contacts you already have comment on posts, like and reach out 
  5. 5. Add graphic content to your feed 

Create a digital business card 

Digital business cards are going to change your networking game forever. Using Linkcard can help you share your information with more people and in a more impressive format. Remember that your business card will be the driving point after that first meeting you have so you want the best for yourself. 

Using digital business cards can 

  • ✅Easy to update 
  • ✅Add your website links and portfolio 
  • ✅Connect with your meeting calendars 
  • ✅Share unlimited times 
  • ✅Use it as an email signature 
  • ✅Have all your contact information in one place