Linkcard on the news, what people love about us?

Linkcard on the news, what do people love about it?

So, you are thinking about using Linkcard for your next website project and you want to know what people are saying about us? Linkcard is on the news a top-of-its-kind no-code website builder with hundreds of benefits and immense digital potential for users. Because of this, we have been the subject of more than a couple of digital reviews. Let’s take a closer look. 

Linkcard is a complete tool for digital marketing 

As the website Cult of Mac put it: 

“Whether for social media, advertising your business or promoting your portfolio, Linkcard is a simple way to create a concise webpage for any purpose.”

Linkcard has a card for everything and we mean that! 

You can find professional design templates for any needs if we don’t have what you need, you can request it or even build your own template starting from one of ours. 

“Linkcard hosts all your mini web pages for free. Plus, you can connect your own domain and organize your content from your Linkcard dashboard.” –  Cult of Mac

What this means for you is:

  1. Less time spent creating a website that fits your needs
  2. Work with professionally designed templates 
  3. A one-stop platform for all your websites 
  4. No need to code ever 
  5. Get one PRO plan and access all the extra features 

You can read the full review from Cult of Mac here 

No coding needed to create beautiful websites 

“Start with one of the hundreds of designer-made templates, customize them to your needs, and then start using them. That’s it!” –

At Linkcard we are proud to have worked with website graphic designers to set the bases for you to create the best microsites possible, and we made it super easy. 

Once you have signed up and picked out a template to start with you can use the drag and drop tools from your dashboard to drop content blocks and features to your microsites. 

Linkcard’s design capabilities allow you to add:

✅ Your own pictures, graphics, and videos

✅ Links to other websites 

✅ Contact information and forms 

✅ Link to social media profiles 

✅ Text information 

✅ Create custom bottoms

✅ Add design elements like lines and figures 

✅ Google location maps

✅ And more…

We have made website building accessible to all, simple and quick 

“building digital solutions can often be expensive, time-consuming, and require a certain level of technical savvy(…). A  no-code solution like Linkcard, can create a one-page website for pretty much everything”  –

Get full control of your website needs when you can create, update, improve and change without assistance and with a full dashboard of tools and features. Plus, do it as many times as you need knowing each microsite will be easy and quick to finish  

“Linkcard is designed to let you build mobile-first microsites in a matter of minutes.” –

Read the full article here

Mobile optimized and ready to use 

“Since at least half of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices, you want to make sure your websites are optimized to display on them properly” – zdnet

That’s why we made Linkcard mobile first because we understand the importance of a website being adaptable to mobile interfaces and being able to handle traffic and UX demands in this format. 

“In fact, you can even create one-page microsites to act as a laser-focused home page, design or service portfolio, newsletter, and much more.”- zdnet

This means one of the most in-demand tools is available to use and accessible to any skill level just through the Linkcard platform. No more waiting for developers to create a mobile version of your site or sitting through tens of review rounds. Create a mobile-first microsite in just minutes with Linkcard. 

Read the full zdnet article here 

Microsite templates for all your needs 

We can’t stop saying this and neither can our reviews, there is a template for (almost) anything. If you need it, you will find it in Linkcard.

“Hundreds of designer-made templates”-

“You can access designer-made templates and your own images in seconds.” – Cult of Mac

“ Library of hundreds of templates” – Bleeping Computer 

We know that websites are a must-have for any business, so we wanted to create microsite templates that would cover all the bases. So, you can have a string starting point to personalize and create from. 

Find templates for:

  • Social media 
  • Events 
  • Product pages 
  • Portfolios 
  • Digital business cards 
  • Online store 
  • Menus for food and beverage 
  • Human resources
  • Automotive and cars
  • Resumes and CV’s 
  • Hospitality 
  • Corporate 
  • Donations and charity 
  • Real estate showings 
  • Promotion pages 
  • Meeting forms and calendar 
  • Payment 
  • Newsletters 

Plus it’s all made to be easy to use and manage, with no complicated dashboards, and no coding.

“All of it is organized in a backend with a simple folder structure so you can find and change sites quickly”- Bleeping Computer 

Read the full Bleeping Computer article here.

Top marketing and business features

What makes Linkcard stand apart from its competitors is that it is a full-fledged platform. Not only can you build your mobile sites here you can also manage and track data, get lead-boosting features, and more!

“A professional plan includes perks such as (…) a custom lead capture form; and eCommerce features. Leads and data are downloadable from your dashboard, so you can easily reconcile and analyze data.”- Bleeping Computer 

“You can also add tracking IDs, so you can use built-in statistics to track the usage of your products with Google Analytics, Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel.” – zdnet

“Linkcard offers free hosting for all of your sites and lets you share them in the blink of an eye across all of your feeds. Plus, Linkcard is fully GDPR-compliant” –

Get a plan with PRO features and you would still be paying just a fraction of the cost for a coded website or most other website builder plans. 

Get 3 microsites with PRO features in our best Linkcard deal ever A lifetime deal like no other 

What’s better than a microsite builder with hundreds of templates and uses? One that’s having one of its best deals ever!

That’s right, at the moment Linkcard is offering its highest savings and more complete sale package ever. 

Just this once get:

A Professional Plan at an 89% discount

  • Includes 3 mobile pages
  • PRO Content blocks
  • PRO design toolkit
  • PRO designer-made templates
  • Remove Linkcard branding
  • Lead capture form
  • Analytics
  • Tracking ID
  • Save your design as a template
  • Connect up to 1 domain
  • Ecommerce features

Go get your deal now!