The best no-code tools for graphic and web designers 

Not knowing how to code is no longer a problem when you want to create something amazing thanks to no-code tools. If you are a designer looking for a no-code tool to help you with graphic or web designs, want to build your own portfolio site, or offer more to your clients, then this list is for you. 

It used to be that you need to know how to code to build websites, apps and use some digital tools. However, the popularization and growth in no-code tools have made many technologies accessible to all. This enables designers to offer fully functional websites, create more complex deliverables and expand their business easily. 

What are no code tools? 

There are technologies that require no coding experience or knowledge in order to be able to use them. Usually, they are creation platforms where users can explore new digital mediums and create what they want without the need for a developer. 

No-code tools are available for multiple purposes from the creation of websites and apps to automation and organization. At Linkcard, we are proud to be part of the no-code movement, helping bring tech closer to everyone through a platform that helps you build microsites. Features on the list are also design-specific tools, automation, and more! 


It’s likely you have already heard of or used Figma. This tool is a must-have for designers, especially if you work in teams or have clients that love following the process. Figma is a design editing and collaboration platform. Here you can host designs and have your whole team comment and follow updates. Another great thing about Figma is you can have up to 3 projects at once for free. 

Great for:

Teamwork, design feedback, hosting designs. 



  • 3 Figma files 
  • Free


  • Unlimited Figma files 
  • $12 per editor/month annually or $15 month-to-month

Figma Organization 

  • File library 
  • $45 per editor/month annual billing only

Create impressive websites, apps, and more with no-code tools for designers like Linkacrd


Linkcard is a no-code mobile and microsite builder. Create amazing one-page websites in just a few minutes. The Linkcard platform offers you dozens of ready to edit templates that will make your job easier. You can choose to build personalized portfolios for your work, clients, jobs, and more. Create websites for brands or events just by uploading your designs and editing our templates. Plus you can add features like email signatures connected to your portfolio and carry a digital business card with you anywhere you go. As we like to say, the possibilities are endless and it all starts with one card

Great for:

Creating websites for design portfolios, clients, brands, and events. 



  • 1 Free mobile site, forever 


  • $3.99 per month, billed annually 
  • 3 Mobile sites + PRO tools 


  • $18.99 per month, billed annually
  • 40 Mobile pages + PRO tools 


  • Tailored made plans for multiple user company accounts 

Bravo Studio

Have a great idea for a mobile app and no developer? No problem! Use Bravo Studio to build it yourself. Bravo Studio is a platform that helps those with no coding skills to build their own apps. The platform is super helpful and complete however you still need to create your own design and bring a backend. You can bring your design from Figma and choose your backend from options available on Bravo or bring your own. 

Great for:

Building mobile apps  



  • Free forever 
  • Unlimited apps 3 shares per month 
  • Bravo logo branding 


  • $19 month per month 
  • Unlimited shares
  • Bravo logo branding 


  • $49 per month
  • Unlimited shares
  • 3 custom published apps 

Bubble is also an app-building no-code tools but it works both for desktop and mobile formats. You can create more complex sites with this tool. You can also build internal tools for your team and users. This site is geared for more intricate apps and also for those that want to create their own web platform like an Airbnb type of site. 

Great for:

Web and mobile app building



  • Free
  • Basic platform features 
  • Bubble branded 


  • $25 a month 
  • Basic features + API and more 


  • $115 a month 
  • 3 units of server capacity
  • 2 application editors
  • 2 development versions


  • $475 a month 
  • 10 units of server capacity
  • 15 application editors
  • 20 development versions


Notion is a superdocs type of no-code tool. You can store and organize all types of content here, create calendars for work and personal tasks. Collaborate with teams and clients briefly, share ideas, inspiration, and more. It’s one of the breakout tools of the last couple of years. On the site you can use templates for different purposes from note-taking, social media calendars to budgets and workspaces. You can also create your own templates. 

Great for:

Organization, communication, and collaborating.


Personal free  

  • Free 
  • Unlimited pages 
  • Share with up to 5 collaborators 

Personal Pro

  • $4 per month billed annually or $5 billed monthly
  • Unlimited uploads & shares


  • $8 per user a month billed annually or $10 billed monthly
  • Unlimited members 
  • Admin tools 


  • Tailored plans for large companies