From business to birthdays: 5 cool ways to use digital cards and microsites

So, you want to create a cool digital companion for an invitation or a piece of content and want to know what’s the best option? Try a digital card! To make your simpler but significant publication stand out. Microsites can carry all the information you need in a compact, sleek, and fast to create format. Take a closer look at how you can elevate everything you do with digital cards

What are digital cards?

Basically, digital cards are one-page websites that take your ideas into a digital universe. For instance, can use them to make interactive birthday greetings, smart event invitations, share your portfolio and so much more. 

Likewise, microsites are a super versatile digital tool you can use to engage with your audience and drive focus to a particular product or event. Linkcard is an exclusive microsite platform where you can create these digital cards for anything you need in just minutes. If you want to give it a try, create your first microsite here! 

Digital business cards 

Handing out your business card is a professional tradition that has been around for centuries, now it’s also digital. Certainly having a business card is a must but yours doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s, go digital to stand out and be remembered. With 88% of paper business cards being thrown away after a week, don’t you want yours to be the card that survives? Well, you have a better chance if you use Linkcard

✅ Paper-free 

✅ Compatible with mobile devices 

✅ Share contact information like phone, email, zoom, etc. 

✅ Add your websites, portfolio, etc. 

✅ Personalized with logos and pictures

✅ Update your information whenever you need to 

✅ Unlimited shares 

Email signature marketing 

Turn your digital business card into an email marketing signature and take advantage of every email you send!

Design portfolios 

Designers need portfolios and sometimes they need more than one. Imagine being able to share a portfolio specific to a job you are applying to or put together a microsite in a few minutes to attract a client. Plus you can also offer to build microsites and expand on your service offering. 

Event pages 

Create a website for all your events. Have all the information on your events and share the link as many times as you need. Collect the data on who’s going and keep your event planning organized with a digital card for every occasion. 

Microsites for distributors 

Microsites provide distributors with a digital home for all theory products, they can also take advantage of other tools like digital business cards, email marketing, and lead generation. Using microsites to advertise, share and promote the products they distribute in an easy and tech-forward way. 

How can you create a digital card and microsites with Linkcard?

To create a microsite or digital card with Linkcard all you need to do is:

  1. 1.Sign up here with an email, Facebook, or Apple ID
  2. 2.Start building your microsite 
  3. 3.Go live!

Create digital business cards, microsites, design portfolios and mobile sites in minutes with Linkcard

The benefits of microsites 

There are multiple benefits to using microsites and digital cards for your next website project. If you want a great product fast and that also allows you to check the items on this list:  

Easy to create and manage 

On Linkcard  digital cards are built starting from designer microsite templates. Cutting back on time and costs. No need to hire developers, and designers and go through a lengthy editing process. 

Target a specific audience and product

Using microsites allows you to narrow down your audience so you can hyper-target the people you need to reach. 

Get more leads

Because of the high specification you can achieve with microsites, you could see an increase in high intent leads. When people arrive at your site they have been searching for a niche item so the interest is probably higher than if they arrive at your home page. 

Go viral with edgier content 

Another advantage of microsites is the freedom to be more creative than you would be on your main site. Since this is a smaller micro representation of your brand, you can play around a bit more. You can make that specific theme or product really shine, and hey you might go viral if you push far enough. 

Niche your SEO with targeted content

Having more sites by using digital cards allows you to place niche keywords in the content. This helps you gain organic traffic that consequently brings you a high intent user. One that is looking for the very specific products you are selling. 

Build brand awareness 

One-page sites allow you to boost brand awareness by letting you create more content. This helps users identify your brand as a whole while building uniqueness around different products.