How does brand positioning work in the digital age?

How do companies position themselves in the digital age? 

Marketing has changed and continues to change rapidly, so adaptation has become the rule for success. New digital channels of communication have affected branding and company strategies. So, how can your company position itself in the digital age to command the attention of the market you need? From B2B to client-facing all companies should be investing in digital branding. 

Digital media rules, with mobile becoming the quick king among options. More than half of all online traffic comes from mobile devices and many use them as their primary shopping device. What does that mean for your company? Your message must translate to digital, be online and mobile-first before you get left behind. 

Branding in the digital age

Branding is how you want people to recognize you, and it encompasses your whole external image. 

From linking your company to a logo, colors, and visuals but also making sure your target audience also identifies with you through values, ideals, and goals. 

In digital channels content is consumed instantly but it’s also permanent so having a branding strategy and the right tools helps you control your message and protect your brand. 

Remember not all digital branding is equal, how you communicate with customers may differ from what you do with partners and employees but it all should have a connecting thread. 

Why is digital branding so important?

Effective digital branding gives your company a personality and makes it easier to stay top of mind for customers and to deliver your message clearly. 

If people know who you are and identify with it they are more likely to stay loyal to your brand, and to do business with you. 

Tips for creating a digital image and message for your company 

  1. Run a SWOT analysis 
    1. Strengths 
    2. Weaknesses 
    3. Opportunities 
    4. Threats 
  2. Choose a brand archetype 
  3. Create a tagline 
  4. Choose a visual style, and colors
  5. Use a brand manual 
  6. Open and analyze social media channels 
  7. Make your digital image known to all your employees 
  8. Unify visuals for all company employees and communications 
  9. Track data from all digital channels 
  10. Get feedback and improve! 

Positioning your company in the digital age with marketing and branding Using microsites for digital marketing 

Microsites are one of the best digital marketing tools available to companies and can especially benefit the B2B sector. Offering more and better options for branding, communication, and elevating your positioning. 

Traditional websites aren’t cost or time efficient for the rapid needs of digital marketing and they can be inaccessible for some businesses. Using Linkcard microsites allows you to create fully functional and professional-looking websites in minutes by yourself. 

What are the benefits of Linkcard microsites?

  • Build a website or landing page in minutes 
  • Use templates created by professional web designers 
  • Update and change your website whenever you want 
  • Create websites for every need 
  • Personalize your microsite with pictures, logos, and more 
  • No code skills or previous web experience needed 
  • Get an email signature and more marketing tools with your account

How do my employees share contact information?

Branding encompasses all employees in your company. So, creating a unified front to present to clients is one of the most important tasks in your branding strategy, and Linkcard can help you do it! 

Linkcard microsites, email signatures, and other digital marketing features can help you consolidate your branding image and create new avenues for marketing. 

You can help employees make a lasting impression, share their contact and sales information more efficiently, and improve lead collection and management, plus it’ll make you look the part! 

Email marketing 

Emails marketing is one of the most interesting investments a company can make. Just consider the number of emails sent daily (more than 1 Billion) and how you could take advantage of each one your company sends. 

There are many ways to take advantage of email marketing and Linkcard can help you with all of them. 

You can start by adding a company email signature. This can hold each employee’s content information, photo, logo, and more. This adds visual branding to each email, making your employees recognizable and easier to contact. Plus it can be an opportunity to add a promo or sales message. 

You could also add a banner to your emails, this works great for promos and sales. Making special messages stand out. 

Digital Business Cards 

Business cards are one of the best ways to share information with prospective leads but new times call for an update on this classic. 

Digital business cards are an impressive upgrade to traditional cards. Replacing paper with digital allows you to add more information, and links and be able to share an unlimited amount of times. Plus, you’ll never forget them, keep your link or QR code in your phone ready to share anytime. 

A better way to share information, make yourself memorable, and manage leads. 

Remember – Using Linkcard’s plans you can choose what you need or create an enterprise plan that allows you to give digital cards and email signatures to every one of your employees. You also get a tailored pricing plan and customer support for implementation. 

Microsites as lead generators and marketing tools  

Microsites are not only useful as a branding tool they can also become part of your lead generation and marketing strategies. 

You can create microsites for each product to run different and more specific SEO campaigns, measure traffic and gather analytics on a certain target, you can also use them to generate and nurture leads. 

Master your positioning with Linkcard 

Linkcard can be the all-around tool you use to position your business in the mind of your target. A great ally for both B2B and BC2 geared companies. 

Use Linkcard digital marketing tools to enhance your efforts and take advantage of design, templates and our different features to unify and boost branding. 

From microsites for your catalogs, and products to individual email signatures and digital business cards for your employees, you get it all with Linkcard!