Linkcard is the best marketing tool for 2023

Linkcard is the best marketing tool for 2023

Welcoming a new year brings the opportunity to improve our routines, and tools and set off into the new year in the best way possible. If you are one of those looking to enhance their business and professional profile with the best marketing tool in 2023, we have just the tool for you, Linkcard! 

Linkcard is a no-code microsite builder and digital marketing tool that can help you create the best first impression, boost your networking, and upgrade your online presence. 

The best part about using Linkcard to improve your business in 2023 is how easy it is to use. You can create a microsite and other digital assets in just minutes, using our professionally designed website templates that cover everything from business to resumes and more! 

Are you ready to make 2023 your year? Let’s get started! 

How to improve your networking in 2023?

Networking is key to success as a professional with at least 70% of people attributing their current job to networking and for business owners, it is just as vital. 

What you have to remember is that it’s not just about getting out there but doing it the right way. Making a good impression, being memorable, and selling yourself or your product efficiently. 

Think of your networking tools as those things that can upgrade your normal elevator pitch to a winning strategy, that’s what Linkcard can help you accomplish. 

Creating centralized and impactful digital branding to get your message across. 

Digital Business Cards

Business cards are one of the oldest and more traditional pieces of branding that exist. You are probably used to handing them out and receiving them at all networking opportunities.

Now, imagine a version of a business card with all the added benefits of the digital age. A modern business card that can be tracked, updated, linked, and shared, and is unlimited in possibilities. 

That’s what you can create with Linkcard, a business profile for your whole workforce or just yourself. 

What do you get with Linkcard’s digital business cards?

?Edit and personalize your template with pictures, links, and information 

?Update it whenever you need 

?Share it unlimited times 

?Track, nurture, and secure leads 

?Get traffic analytics 

?Go green – no paper waste 

?Link to websites, social media, and more

?Add a calendar for meeting 

You don’t just want to update your business cards, you need to. Professionals now have to share as many 2000 cards to see sales increase. Make yourself memorable, easy to use, and smart, go digital, and don’t look back! 

Email marketing 

Email marketing has one of the best ROI of any marketing strategy about $36 in return for every $1 you invest, those are hard numbers to beat. 

Here is another hard number to beat: there are billions of email users, and emails are sent every day. Not only that but most of your business communication will be through emails. So, why not start 2023 by sending better emails? 

Email Signatures  

You have probably seen and have your own email signature, they are that final signoff with your name, title, and little else. 

Using Linkcard you can make your email signature a marketing tool by adding a WhatsApp or a calendar feature so people can book a meeting with you in just a click. 

Make your emails interactive, share messages, promos, and use lead collection tools to get more from each communication. 

Email Banners

Want to add a bang to your emails, then use email banners. These are great for big sales, announcements, and holidays. 

Send your email with a highlighted message of your choice and make that your own. All of Linkcard’s templates are editable and personalizable.

Elevating your business profile with microsites 

All businesses need websites, that is just a fact but not all businesses need the same type of website. Microsites are sleek, easy-to-build one-page sites that can hold all your business needs without the cost of traditional websites, and with Linkcard you can build them yourself. 

For independent businesses and professionals, microsites present a solution to creating complex websites that take time and big budgets. 

Using Linkcard’s no-code platform you can create your microsite in minutes with amazing results! 

The benefits of building your microsite with Linkcard

  1. Use professionally designed templates 
  2. Personalize every aspect of your microsite 
  3. Build independently 
  4. Easier and cheaper than traditional sites 
  5. No web developers and no designers are needed 
  6. Update whenever you want 
  7. Manage through Linkcard’s platform 
  8. Have more than one microsite 
  9. Choose your own microsite plan 
  10. Build it in minutes! 

Personal or portfolio microsites

Want to stand out as an independent worker and show potential clients and customers what you are all about, then build a microsite for your work. 

You can create a stunning portfolio with Linkcard, add links to your works, your LinkedIn, and more.

Add it to your socials, and share it as many times as you want. 

New business websites 

Started a new business, venturing off with a new line, or just exploring possibilities, start with a microsite

One-page websites are versatile and effective for launching and becoming the digital home for your new venture. 

Create an online resume 

People share hundreds of resumes daily, and making yours into a whole microsite can help you stand out and be remembered. 

In the same way, you would a regular resume you can add CV history and details to your microsite but you can also add pictures, multiple links to work, accolades, and reference emails.  

Link in Bio 

Looking for work in design, modeling, or as an influencer then you need a proper Link In Bio to get people to the right place to see more of you and contact you. 

In these fields, social media can become the main way people find out about your work, so being prepared will help you monetize key opportunities. 

Imagine one of your pictures goes viral and in your Link In Bio you have links to your website, portfolio, and contact information, so you can turn all those visitors into actual leads for work. 

Also, it is important for small businesses to have so the jump from social to store is seamless. 

The best marketing tool for 2023 allows you to cover all your digital needs in one place A tool for all 

Linkcard is a multifaceted tool that covers so many marketing and digital needs. However, the best thing about Linkcard is that it’s made for all users from beginners to experts, anyone can build an amazing microsite!