Discover and activate “Lead Booster”

Lead Booster

What is it and how does it works?

“Lead Booster” is a feature that allows you to optionally request the contact information from the recipient of your “Linkcards”. That way, you can generate a ‘Leads database’ available for download in an Excel format for subsequent follow-ups.

How to activate “Lead Booster”?

Log into the editor and then click edit on the Linkcard for which you wish to activate “Lead Booster”. Under the “Extras” section on the left menu, activate the switch corresponding to “Lead Booster”, and voila! your Linkcard will begin collecting visitors’ data.

Where and how can I download my Leads?

When activating “Lead Booster” a new button called “Leads” will appear in the main menu located on the left of the editor interface. Upon clicking on it, you will access to the list of accumulated Leads and can also download an Excel file from the button at the top of the list.

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