Linkcard Benefits

Centralized Control

In the paper age, it was impossible to prevent the use of corporate identity by an employee who was separated from the company. With Linkcard, the company takes back control via:

    • The centralized administration of business cards acress the company with access allowed only to authorized stakeholders.
    • The possibility of organizing the Linkcards in online folders by area.
    • The autonomy in the creation of corporate branding & design that can be undertaken internally or be delegated to the Linkcard Design Team.
    • The number of Business Cards assigned per employee.
    • The Linkcard functions: deactivate & activate, delete, duplicate or edit.
    • The possibility of modifying the contact details of the employees at any given time without incurring in additional costs.
    • The bulk database loading to generate Linkcards automatically and quickly.
    • The quick access by the authorized user of the company to all business cards via a native mobile app (Android and iOS) .

The Digital Edge

You can’t lose it, it’s always online and works offline too.

All the company’s contact information in one place: phone number, social networks, websites, calendar app, etc.

The company has access to statistical data: on a company level or per employee:

  1. The quantity of views
  2. The means used to share the Linkcards
  3. The number of times it has been shared
  4. The type of content of each Linkcard and the number of times they have been clicked
  5. The number of clicks to the email signature
  6. Being able to know who is the “most popular” employee

A website floating widget containing the company’s business card.

Pocket Friendly

Linkcard brings significant savings in multiple aspects:

  1. Over the cost of design and printing per employee.
  2. Paper business cards can get lost hence involves re-printing.
  3. Paper business cards can run out of stock, means re-printing.
  4. In case of changes to the institutional design or modification to the contact information of a professional, (mobile phone number, position in the company, etc.), means re-printing.
  5. When an employee is terminated, the investment made in the paper cards is lost forever.
  6. The hidden cost of the time invested by internal resources (secretary, assistants, etc.) involved in the process of requesting paper business cards for to each area of the company.
  7. The logistical cost associated with the delivery of the printed cards to the company.

Security & Privacy

We use renowned technologies and infrastructures which provide the levels of security that our corporate clients expect:

    • Our platform runs over Google Firebase infrastructure.
    • Our platform is hosted on Google Cloud.
    • We use Stripe: a global and well renowned payment gateway.
    • We were successfully audited by multinationals of several tens of thousands of employees who already use our service.
    • Different levels of privacy are offered thanks to the multiple contact formats available: with or without a Mobile phone, with or without a phone number, chat and calendar, etc.
    • The company can decide whether and which of its Linkcards will be published in the Global Directory.

Customization | Branding | Innovation

  1. Linkcard created the first platform, on a global level, that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and personalize Digital Business Cards exactly the way you want.
  2. This means the company can replicate its exact branding on its digital Business Cards.
  3. The flexibility of the design allows applying different tones of the brand’s colors for example per company area.
  4. It positions the company as innovative, aligned with the digital evolution.
  5. Harmonization and standardization of the company’s branding across the board for business cards and email signatures.
  6. By sharing the Linkcard, the employee shares the corporate image  and identity every time he or she connects with third parties.
  7. Linkcard gives each employee a digital identity employees can be proud of.

Eco Friendly & CSR

  • Eco-Friendly = sustainable, which in addition to helping the planet, improves the corporate image and at the same time reinforces the reputation of the company at the level of its Corporate Social Responsibility.
COVID-19 Friendly:
  • A “contactless” business card is safer in these new times of “social distancing”.

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