Linkcard is LinkedIn’s Best Friend

Linkcard is LinkedIn’s Best Friend

What motivated me to write this article is the fact that I’m often asked “Is Linkcard Business Card the new LinkedIn?” or “Why would I use Linkcard Business Card as I already have LinkedIn?” or “What makes Linkcard different from LinkedIn?”, etc. I decided it was time to clear the noise!

I’m a loyal LinkedIn Premium user for many years now and in my opinion it is by far the best B2B networking platform on a global level! At the same time, as co-founder of, I’m also an obsessive user of its Digital Business Cards which in many aspects is a perfect complement to Linkedin.

While LinkedIn is about networking, recruitment, professional content feeds, advertising, education and an online CV & professional brand with depth and length; in contrast, Linkcard is a business card builder that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and customize digital business cards exactly the way you want.

As such, Linkcard is an eco-friendly and cost-effective substitute to paper business cards that allows for deep personalization to one’s brand. Linkcard’s main use is for a centralized administration of all employees’ business cards (typically handled by HR and/or the Communications Department). It is also used by independent professionals or startups as a means to share and broadcast their digital identity which contains their value proposition in a nutshell as well as their contact details.

LinkedIn QR is a great way to network and connect yet, when a contact gets scanned, it’s lost in the ocean of hundreds or thousands of existing connections. Linkcard enhances LinkedIn experience by organizing your favorite contacts in a mobile wallet: each contact scanned via Linkcard’s QR code can then be kept on the platform under the correct folder name (i.e. “Palo Alto Meet-up June 18th”).

Finally, Linkcard is a summarized version of the professional and/or the company’s offering ( a sort of “quick view”). LinkedIn on the other hand provides much broader and richer information, everything about the professional, including historical data, great insights for recruiters and talent hunters!

On the left side is my Linkedin profile; on the right side is my Linkcard profile:

In summary, LinkedIn & Linkcard are essentially very different and most importantly complementary. I will definitely keep on using both (forever)! How about you?

Warmest regards,

Roni Grosfeld | Co-Founder of Linkcard.appPlatform | Website