Discover through our tutorials this powerful tool, which will help you create one-page mobile micro-sites at lightning speed, for any communication or promotion need.

Customizing your link with an image and text

Discover how to send your Linkcard through different platforms by customizing your link with an image and added text.

Easily upgrade or downgrade your Linkcard account

With Linkcard you can easily upgrade or downgrade your account. Additionally, we explain how to cancel your subscription.

How to save and share information with a Linkcard digital business card

If you are using Linkcard digital business cards you will be able to easily save and share information with your Linkcards. That’s what they are made for!

Synchronise emails signatures with your team

Learn how to synchronise your email signatures across work teams in just a few steps.

Mobile Page Builder Video Tour

Create your first mobile page in minutes with our powerful builder, and discover a world of possibilities

Activate the email signatures

Learn how to create and use our email signatures and connect them with your Linkcards.

Synchronize Gsuite with your Linkcard email signatures

Learn how to sync your G Suite account with our email signatures and banner so to apply your design to your entire team in just a few clicks.

How to change the URL of your Linkcards?

In this short video we show you how simple it is to change the URL of your Linkcards.

Shortcut to your Linkcards in Android

Find out how to generate a shortcut to your Linkcards using the Chrome browser on your Android.

Shortcut to your Linkcards in iPhone

Find out how to generate a shortcut to your Linkcards using the Safari browser on your iphone.

How to create and use your own templates?

Learn how to create and use your own templates, and apply them to all your Linkcards.

How use the Lead Booster feature

Lead Booster is a feature that allows you to optionally request the contact information from the recipient of your Linkcards.

How to Sync G Suite with your Linkcards

Linkcard G Suite Sync allows you to synchronize your G Suite account with your Linkcard email signatures, so you can install them in one click for your entire work team.

How to Connect your Domain to your Linkcards

Linkcard allows the use of your domain (or sub-domain), for all your one-page sites or for a specific one.

How to activate the email signatures that are connected to your Linkcards

With the launch of our new Email Signature Editor, we have turned a routine action into a powerful marketing tool.

How to activate calendar x.ai feature

One of the best things about Linkcard is the possibility of linking it in and out of various places such as your website, social media, or your online calendar

How to create a stunning one-page website with Linkcard

Linkcard was created on the principle of making one-page mobile websites accessible to everyone, without sacrificing style or features.

How to pick a color palette for your website

The colors you choose for your site will determine what visitors perceive of your brand’s personality and can ultimately impact whether they choose you over your competitors.

How to create the best digital business cards

The tool you want to make an impression in your next meeting, a way to stay relevant, save money and go forward with your ventures.

How to use a COVID-19 digital vaccination card + FREE template

Get your vaccine card scanned and added to Linkcard’s COVID-19 FREE digital vaccination template. Keep it safe and on your phone at all times!

A Step-by-Step Guide Business Card & Email Signatures Deployment

Being ready to deploy means your company’s digital business cards and email signatures are ready in terms of design and have already been bulk-loaded to your dashboard.

How to create amazing interactive digital happy holiday cards

The holiday cards are a great format to get your message across, from personal to business

How to create a Microsite: A step-by-step and tips guide

These smaller but powerful websites can give you all the style and ease you are searching for in one super impressive package.

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