How can a mobile site improve conversion rates?

How can a mobile site improve conversion rates?

It’s no secret that smartphones rule technology. They are the most frequently used devices in the tech world, making them an incredibly important selling tool for businesses of all sizes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the question: how can a mobile site improve conversion rates?
Most people access the internet through their mobile devices. Studies show that more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile. This means that: a) the target audience you want to reach is expecting your site to work properly on mobile and b) a successful sale might also depend on how mobile-friendly your site is.
One of the most important details to remember when considering the benefits of having a mobile site is that it is not just about presence, the quality of the site will also impact whether the visitor becomes a solid lead.

Google put mobile sites in the front seat

The search engine giant has a long recorded interest in making mobile sites a priority for businesses and everyone in between. The first indication of this was the rollout of a mobile-friendly update in 2015. Searches began to see different results depending on if they were Googling on mobile or desktop, although it still did not affect site rankings.
The next sign of Google’s focus on the importance of mobile sites would happen just one year later. In 2016, they decided to take these mobile sites into account when ranking results. By 2018, Google took on a more mobile-focused indexing policy after the shift from users clearly signaled that use from those devices was dominating searches.

Then came mobile-first indexing implemented in July 2019, and a more recent update that will completely drop sites with a desktop-only experience from Google’s ranks, the mobile user experience is now at the forefront of Google’s ranking evaluation. Not only that, but the friendliness of your mobile experience will also matter, so once again raking is not just about presence but quality as well. Thats only the first answer on how can a mobile site improve conversion rates?

Get your website where your target is

As mentioned before, mobile is the king of web traffic with most searches and navigation coming from smartphones and other personal devices.

Think about it, how often are you using your desktop or laptop to conduct a product search or buy something? Not that much anymore, right? Consumer behaviors are changing and your business needs to adapt to them.

Your target audience is no longer just at a desktop, they are sitting on the couch scrolling through social media, searching for your product online while in traffic or public transport. The big question here is are they going to find your site on their searches?

Having a mobile site will place your business, brand, and product right at the fingertips of the people that need to know you exist.

A great user experience highlights your value

Having a mobile site with a great user experience (UX) that is connected and linked correctly will create an expansion of your reach that opens up the possibility of more leads, sales, and exposure.

Using the right tool or team to build your site will all count towards getting those consumers or leads to reach your goals. For example, a slow site won’t work, with up to 53% of users exiting sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. It sounds harsh but it’s the type of speed and UX we all have become accustomed to and a failure to deliver reflects negatively on your brand, so be careful.

A great mobile site is fast, responsive, easy to use, and has a good design. If your mobile site ticks all of these boxes, it will leave a lasting impression about your business on visitors.

Linkcard makes creating a mobile, one-page site with the right UX template and enough development freedom to customize, an easy solution. It is incredibly useful for those who have little time (and need for a complex website) that want to put their business brand out there without any hassle.

What kind of mobile site is best for you?

Now that you are aware of how important mobile sites are for business, the next step is choosing the right type of site for you, this all depends on your business and target audience.

  1. If you have a personal service/brand you are quite literally selling yourself. Get a digital business card! It is easy, sleek, and simple. It allows for you to change your information whenever you need to, set up meetings quickly, and impress future clients with a more digital approach to the classic business card handout. Good for: real estate agents, personal trainers, psychologists, corporations, etc.
  2. Are you a small business? Then your brand probably consists of a small line of products or maybe you own a small cafe or restaurant. For your needs, a one-page site can work wonders for you. It is simple to set up, links to your social networks easily, has a small store option, and gets up and running quickly.
  3. If you have a big project, you will need to optimize and develop a mobile-friendly version of your main site. You can also choose the option of having a smaller one-page site that serves as a mobile front for your business. Either way, you need to invest in creating a great experience for your consumers on mobile as well as desktop.

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