This section is reserved to incorporate all the company’s and / or the professional’s contact information. Among others it includes: full name, position, landline and mobile phone numbers, email, social networks, address, industry and a calendar app link.

The company can define the contact layout per business card; that is, which of the contact information will be made available on each Linkcard in order to protect privacy without sacrificing networking.


It allows the company to add relevant information about each professional and / or about the company itself and also add content which can be updated as needed. The supported drag & drop formats are: Titles, Texts, Images, Video Links (YouTube and Vimeo), Google Maps Location, Call To Action Buttons and Spaces to improve aesthetics.


The business card can be shared by QR code (virtually or in person) and by a variety of means at the discretion of each company: email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Twitter, Reddit, LINE and Telegram.


With Linkcard’s design tools, the company can create and customize the business cards 100% to the brand in terms of colors, fonts, sizes, logos, images and basically everything that involves branding.

As an alternative, the company can subcontract the design with Linkcard.


With Linkcard, the company is able to improve brand harmonization in employee emails by implementing (optional) elegant, centrally configurable Linkcard signatures. Likewise, the look & feel of the institutional brand is harmonized and standardized across all its digital business cards.

The employee cannot modify the email signature or the business card’s content.


With the creation of each Linkcard, a software code is automatically generated so that the company can install a floating widget that contains its corporate business card, on its website. Visitors to the website can then save the contact information directly to their mobile’s address book. It is very useful in the following use cases:

  • To replace or complement the CONTACT section on the website.
  • To publish the contact information of  the customer-facing divisions of the Company. For instance: Customer Service, Technical Support, the Commercial Team, HR for recruitment, Press and PR Department, etc.



Through our administrator panel, the company centralizes all its Business Cards and at the same time remains in full control of the contents and design guidelines of the company.

In general, companies typically grant access & privileges to manage and modify the Linkcards to HR and / or Communication and / or Marketing department.


The authorized user of the company can apply the following actions:

  • Activate and deactivate both folders and Linkcards
  • Edit the Linkcards (content and design)
  • Duplicate or delete any folder or contact


In our digital reality, everything can and should be measured. You have at your disposal “popularity indicators” of the business cards at the company level as well as per employee. Among the different KPIs, you can know per Linkcard: the number of views, the number of times it was shared, the means through which it was shared, the elements that have been clicked within the Linkcard, the number of clicks to the email signature, etc.


It allows organizing and ordering the Linkcards by area or department (or by any denomination chosen by the company).


For each Linkcard created, an elegant email signature is automatically generated which can be optionally incorporated into the email client that the company uses (e.g. Outlook or GSuite). The signature format was conceived in such a way that it occupies a reasonable space and at the same time is visually impressive. With a click on the button of each signature, one has access to the user’s business card.


Massive load of employees, simply by uploading an Excel file in order to generate the business cards of all employees at once, based on a predefined design.*

* Provided as a service by the Linkcard team.